ImaChek is owned, developed and maintained by IGP Service Pte Ltd. which is a Singapore based scholarly research technology company.

Protecting Institutions from Intentional Misconduct and Honest Error Research misconduct that involves inappropriately manipulated and duplicated images continues to be a problem.

Incidences of misconduct that have been reported in the past include cases that have been caused by intentional misconduct and from honest error, where authors were genuinely unaware of the proper practices for image processing. By preventing misconduct derived from honest error, ImaChek can improve the quality of scientific papers, protect the author’s careers and trust of the academic community.

Bringing Clarity to Research

Efforts to promote research integrity has been garnering a lot of attention in the academic field. Although solutions for detecting plagiarism in text have been around for many years, an automated system dedicated to identifying manipulated and duplicated images is still not available to this date1. Finding reused and manipulated images not only requires a considerable level of expertise, but is also a laborious, time-consuming, and overwhelming task, especially when handling an enormous collection of images. ImaChek is the only solution that can automatically detect problematic images in scientific papers prior to the publication stage.


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